Mass Ride, 15 Dec 2018
Mass Ride, 15 Dec 2018, photo by Mike Caldwell

Cycle Winchester has so far organised four Mass Rides (12 May 2018, 15 Dec 2018, 27 Apr 2019, and 12 Oct 2019). Despite some poor weather conditions turnout has been excellent and the largest gathering was approximately 300. The Mass Rides have helped to create a growing community of cyclists in Winchester. They have raised awareness of Cycle Winchester and given it a body of supporters. The Mass Rides continue to demonstrate the large numbers of cyclists in the city and show that people who ride bikes are a significant and ‘mobilised’ demographic. The rides also encourage new, young or wary cyclists to get on their bike and find fun and safety in numbers.

Due to COVID -19 restrictions a fifth Mass Ride was converted into a Not the Mass Ride (NtMR) wherein individual cyclists posted selfies of themselves beside a logo decorated bike at King Alfred’s Statue during Bike Week. In the end around 100 riders posted selfies and more took part.

Occasionally, we publish quiet routes which everyday cyclists and families can enjoy without encountering heavy traffic.

More about our rides

Cycle Winchester Mass Ride #3, April 2019

Cycle Winchester Mass Ride 4

We promised an autumn ride – so here it is! Mass Ride 4 will be on SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER. Full details can be downloaded here. You know the plan. 10.00am starts at various points out of town; joining together in North Walls; doing our ‘thing’ around the one-way system and ...

Cycle of Solidarity… for Sierra Leone

Cycle Winchester exists to campaign to make our city better by bike. Bikes are bringing change around the world, and people on bikes are campaigning for a better world. On Saturday 11 May we are invited to gather outside Winchester Cathedral and use our bikes for a wider cause: a ...
Mass Ride Dec 15th 2018

Mass Ride 3: Guidance to Riders

It’s nearly here! Hopefully you are excited as we are at once again taking over the streets of Winchester for a short while to demonstrate the strength and diversity of our cycling community and the joys of pedal-power. And it’s not too late to invite friends, neighbours and random strangers ...

Details of April 27th Mass Ride

Details of our third, festive, mass ride, taking place on the morning of 27th April, are now confirmed. Once again, we invite you to join us on a mass ride, in the form of a ‘bike train’, bringing riders from pick-up points around the city to converge on the central ...

Help Us Distribute 3rd Mass Ride Posters and Leaflets

The day of our Third Cycle Winchester Mass Ride on April 27th is fast approaching. We’d love this one to be the biggest and best yet! You can help us by getting the word out. You can download the poster or leaflet below, email them to friends, or print them yourself. Feel free to ...