People Who Cycle in Winchester

One of the things we love most about the Cycle Winchester mass rides, is seeing the wide variety of people who cycle in the city. From infants to grandparents, they have all joined the rides. A few mile-munching athletes, and many who are delighted to toddle to the shops. Riding comfy Dutch town bikes, ferrying the kids in a cargo bike, or easing the hills with an e-bike.

One thing we’ve learned is there is no ‘typical cyclist’. Anyone, ideally everyone, could be using a cycle to get about the city, if we had the right infrastructure.

Today we launch a series of profiles of the diverse people who cycle in Winchester, starting with Lucy, a live event artist.

We’d love to hear your cycling story too. Please contact us and let us know how you came to cycling, or how a bike helps you get around.


Camilla and Macayle

People Who Cycle in Winchester #10

Camilla (mum) & Macayle (daughter) Camilla: Our family has been in Winchester since 2017. I work part-time as a theatre nurse in the hospital. Growing up in Brisbane I learnt to ride a bike but the blistering heat was a good deterrent to regular cycling! It was when our family ...
Profile photo: Steve

People who cycle in Winchester #9: Steve

Hi, I’m Steve I’ve been around Winchester for 30 years and lived here for the last 20 years since moving in with my partner. I grew up in Woolston, Southampton in the 1960s in a no-car family. My Dad walked everywhere but my Mum cycled. One of my very earliest ...

People who cycle in Winchester #8

The Murray-Rius family: Marc, Jaclyn, Ona & Kai. Hi, I’m Marc. I grew up in Barcelona where I cycled as a kid from an early age. I remember once aged 12 taking part in a local race and then at a later stage got into mountain biking. Whilst at University ...

People who cycle in Winchester #7: Sarah

I moved to Winchester about four years ago. Prior to this, I had been a frontline police officer for 25 years, living and working in London. Unfortunately in 2014 I suffered a serious head injury and following this, a number of other traumatic incidents. Over time I became very unwell, ...
Colin with his bike at the allotment

People Who Cycle in Winchester #6: Colin

I have lived in Winchester for 33 years, first in St Cross, then Hyde and now Abbotts Barton. I sold my car about 20 years ago and since then I’ve relied on a bicycle for most of my journeys around the city. At the time I lived in Hyde Abbey ...