Mass Ride, 15 Dec 2018
Mass Ride, 15 Dec 2018, photo by Mike Caldwell

Update: Mass Ride #5 will take place on 16 October 2021. Full details here.

Cycle Winchester has so far organised four Mass Rides (12 May 2018, 15 Dec 2018, 27 Apr 2019, and 12 Oct 2019). Despite some poor weather conditions turnout has been excellent and the largest gathering was approximately 300. The Mass Rides have helped to create a growing community of cyclists in Winchester. They have raised awareness of Cycle Winchester and given it a body of supporters. The Mass Rides continue to demonstrate the large numbers of cyclists in the city and show that people who ride bikes are a significant and ‘mobilised’ demographic. The rides also encourage new, young or wary cyclists to get on their bike and find fun and safety in numbers.

Due to COVID -19 restrictions a fifth Mass Ride was converted into a Not the Mass Ride (NtMR) wherein individual cyclists posted selfies of themselves beside a logo decorated bike at King Alfred’s Statue during Bike Week. In the end around 100 riders posted selfies and more took part.

Occasionally, we publish quiet routes which everyday cyclists and families can enjoy without encountering heavy traffic.

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Not The Mass Ride, 6-14 June

Winchester Mass Ride 5 was already planned when our country was plunged into the current crisis. Along with almost every other part of normal life, those plans have been shelved. Amidst all the suffering there have been a few positive strands and the renewed popularity of cycling is one of ...
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Mass Ride Route A: Kings Worthy

Start: Tesco Express, Springvale Road. Pause/joining point: Top of Bedfield Lane Printable map here. ...
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Mass Ride Route B: Harestock & Weeke

Start: Tesco Express, Priors Dean Road. Pause/joining point: Grass area at corner of Stoney Lane and Stockbridge Road Printable map here. ...
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Mass Ride Route C: Badger Farm & Stanmore

Meet: Meadow Way opposite Sainsbury’s emergency exit Pause/joining point: In front of shops, Cromwell Road Printable map here. ...
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Mass Ride Route D: Highcliffe

Start: All Saints church car park Pause/joining point: The Screen cinema, Southgate Street Printable map here. ...
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