The Cycle Winchester Big Map

Hazards and Suggestions

A map of hazards and suggestions for improvement to make cycling easier, faster and safer in Winchester. We’ll be putting these forward to the city and county councils to help them understand where the opportunities are for making cycling better.

This map has several different layers of information. To see them, click on the menu symbol at top left of the map:   and tick the boxes next to the layers you want to see. You can then click on an individual line or marker on the map to see details.

For more explanation see below the map.

The layers are:


Ideas for improving cycle access. They’re colour-coded by “Importance” – high, medium or low – reflecting how useful they would be to people cycling in Winchester. There’s also a “Difficulty” classification which is a guess at how easy it would be to make the improvement. (some painted lines and a new sign = low difficulty. Major construction work or cost: high difficulty.)


Places that cause great problems for cycling or are considered dangerous or intimidating to anyone wanting to cycle. Some of these relate to the “Suggestions”; others we don’t have a suggestion for as yet. Again, they’re categorised into high/medium/low importance depending on (a) how bad the problem is and (b) whether removing the hazard would open up an important route.

Strategic locations

Defines key travel destinations around the city – residential suburbs, employment areas, shopping areas, the station, leisure facilities, nearby villages etc. – and draws straight lines between them to indicate the required links. We plan to develop this into a “tube map” of cycle links between the locations, helping to highlight where improvements will make the most difference to the journeys people make regularly.

Do you have something to add?

If there’s a hazard that stops you cycling, or you have a suggestion for an improvement at a specific place in the city, and it’s not already on the map – please email us. Tel us:

  • where the problem is;
  • what the problem is;
  • how it affects cycling;
  • what journeys you might make through that point (e.g. home to work, home to station)
  • your ideas for fixing/improving it.

We’ll add it to the map.

Please bear in mind that we need specific things and places – not general comments.