Not The Mass Ride, 6-14 June

Winchester Mass Ride 5 was already planned when our country was plunged into the current crisis. Along with almost every other part of normal life, those plans have been shelved.

Amidst all the suffering there have been a few positive strands and the renewed popularity of cycling is one of them. No-one would ever wish to come to this point in this way but here we are. As people are discovering healthier ways of living and travelling it’s an opportunity to see these new habits encouraged. We’d love to see cycling firmly established as a regular part of many more people’s lives.

It would be great to hold a Mass Ride tomorrow. A large, welcoming group for all new – and renewed – cyclists to join together with on the city streets: a clear and visible message to the authorities that we are the people they need to make the streets safer for.

But for now that’s not going to happen. We want to avoid doing anything that is counter to Government advice.

NOT THE MASS RIDE’ is an attempt to have the best of both worlds: strict compliance with the rules for safety and social distancing AND lots of visible cyclists on the streets of Winchester demonstrating the strength of the lobby for better conditions for cycling.

NOT THE MASS RIDE’ will run through national Bike Week, Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th June 2020.

In that time we’d like as many of you as possible to go on a bike ride that
ends up at King Alfred’s Statue where the Mass Ride traditionally finishes. You can ride from home, follow a Mass Ride route or just ride from anywhere you fancy!

At the statue you will find a Mass Ride Logo bike. Record your ride with a selfie that includes King Alfred’s Statue and the logo bike and post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, tagging #cyclewinchester. Or else email to Add any other pics or details that you’re happy to share.

Encourage anyone you know or see on a bike to do the same!

Afterwards we will create a combined visual record of NotTheMassRide to show the breadth of cycling activity in our City and to put faces to the people needing safer streets.

The end of NotTheMassRide will be the launch point for a cycle-bell ringing campaign, RingTheChanges, ringing our bells until we see change! Details to follow.

Safe cycling, have fun and thanks for your support.

The Mass Ride Team.

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