Winchester Movement Strategy consultation: please respond!

SCreen shot from 2022 Winchester Movement Strategy survey

As we mentioned in a recent post, Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council are currently consulting on the Winchester Movement Strategy and Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. The consultation is open for responses until February 11th.

As always, we encourage Cycle Winchester supporters to respond, and today we are publishing a suggested response in a form that will make it easier for you to make a personal response.

One of the ten ‘Next Steps’ proposals in the Movement Strategy is to provide safe cycle routes into and through the city centre. As is often the way, we agree 100% with the intent, but have some criticisms of the approach and detail.

Nonetheless, we advise supporters to Strongly Agree with the proposal, and to use the text boxes to comment in detail, to the extent that’s possible within the maximum allowed 1000 characters.

Our completion notes address all of the questions and proposals. The document includes screen shots of almost all of the survey pages, with Cycle Winchester’s suggested responses highlighted with red circles or red side-bars. The notes also include all of our text responses in a form that allows you to easily copy and paste into the survey form, if you agree with us.

Download our completion notes

You can download our completion notes here. Although it’s quite a lengthy survey, we hope that this will make it easy for you to respond. Enter the survey pages here.

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