Will you be able to cycle to the new Winchester Sport and Leisure Park?

cycle map

Winchester City Council plans to build a new Sport and Leisure Park at Bar End, to replace the leisure centre at River Park.

The latest consultation on the plans was held in May.

As it stands the plans have little to say about cycling access to the proposed Leisure Park, apart from a vague suggestion (not a promise) of a couple of possible new links.

Despite considerable efforts at engagement, cyclists’ needs have been pretty much ignored. That’s a shame as there many people cycle to the sports centre at River Park and this should be encouraged in the future at Bar End.

Cycle Winchester has drawn up a map showing the routes cyclists might take to reach the new centre from various parts opf Winchester.

Here’s the map (PDF).

This map is not intended to be comprehensive and is based on the current road system; it shows the potential (but not guaranteed) new links. Access from some parts of the City such as Badger Farm is arguably better when compared to River Park. However for many the journey will be via the city centre and then along Chesil Street to Bar End. In reality, this means that many will take the car to the new centre and so traffic in Winchester will increase.

What can you do to help?

The planned timescale will mean the project could get the go-ahead for early 2019, so there is not much time left to influence the design or the access arrangements.

  • Take a few minutes to think about how you (and your family) would cycle to Bar End – the map should help you.
  • Complete a short survey to help us provide feedback to the council. Here’s the survey.
  • Contact your local city councillor if you have concerns about the current proposals including its impact on cyclists.
  • As Hampshire County Council is the local highway authority, contact your local county councillor if you have concerns about access to the new Leisure Park.
  • Go to the exhibition at the Guildhall this coming week. The planning application for the new Sport & Leisure Park at Bar End will shortly be submitted. To support this there will be an exhibition of the proposals, with the team available to answer questions. It’s being held in the Wintonian Room at Winchester Guildhall. Please go along if you can, ask questions and make comments. The dates are:
    • Monday 25 June 2018      5.30pm – 8.00pm
    • Thursday 28 June 2018    3.00pm – 8.00pm
    • Friday 29 June 2018         10.00am – 1.00pm

The exhibition boards will also be on the Winchester City Council website.

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