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Touring cyclist

We hope you are enjoying meeting some of your fellow cyclists in our Profiles series.

We are looking to build a diverse picture of our local cycling community so that decision makers have a more informed picture of who we are – replacing easy stereotypes. Our aim is to avoid being dismissed as a ‘minority interest group’. And to demonstrate that cyclists come in all shapes, sizes, genders, ages and abilities and often from very different backgrounds and cultures. Cycling is inclusive not exclusive: nearly anyone can do it. If you think you would be a good addition to our series – or know someone who would be – please get in touch. You/they don’t have to have a special story, just help us to paint the broadest possible landscape of people who ride bikes.

We can either have a chat over the phone or on a park bench and draft up a short piece for your approval or else just submit something you’ve written yourself (guide 400-500 words) plus a photo … and if you’re brave enough a short video clip!

It is maybe worth saying that by cyclist we mean anyone who rides a bike, not just people who would call themselves cyclists. The person who occasionally pedals into town to meet a friend for coffee stands alongside the person doing 60-mile loops through the Hampshire countryside of a weekend. Both of them deserve a more cycle-friendly city.

Enquiries to hello@cyclewinchester.org.uk

PS In early profiles we have consciously tried to counter the common generalisation that most cyclists are ‘middle-aged men in lycra’ but we will soon be in danger of under-representing them … so if that’s you, get in touch!

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