Mass Ride 2 – it’s back! Saturday 15th December

Mass Ride May 2018

Thanks again to everyone who turned out for the Mass Ride in May and helped make it so successful. And particular thanks to those who volunteered to help lead rides and marshal the event without knowing quite what to expect!

The good news is that plans are underway for a second, Festive Mass Ride on the morning of Saturday 15th December 2018. It would be wonderful if Mass Ride 2 could be even bigger and better than the first one!

One way to make it better is improved organisation of cyclists, particularly around the one-way system. Now that many of you have been part of a ride and seen how things went you might consider volunteering next time to have a role as a support rider or marshal.

And to help make it bigger maybe you can help with suggestions of how to publicise Mass Ride 2 more widely, or offer to help with that.

The Mass Ride has two strands:

The main aim is about fun, encouragement, safety & community

  • to enjoy taking over the streets for a while and to demonstrate what cycling in Winchester can be like if cyclists become a more significant presence around the city;
  • to ride routes that are useful so those who might consider cycling into town are encouraged to do so by joining a bike train – it’s safer and more sociable;
  • to help build a sense of community amongst cyclists in Winchester, a diverse group with a wide range of ages, abilities, cycles and cycling interests but united by the belief that it is better by bike!

The other aim is to make cyclists a more visible group in the city.
As we put pressure on decision makers to take better account of our needs and to invest more to support cycling as a mode of transport around the city, the Mass Ride is a clear and continuing demonstration that we are a significant group who can’t – and won’t – be ignored!

We are seeking volunteers to help marshal the ride. We have non-riding roles, such as delivering well-earned mince pies and mulled wine at the finish of the ride. For those who have a little more time, we would welcome one or two additional members of the core team, planning the ride between now and December.

If you are able to help, please contact Rob Jordan:

4 thoughts on “Mass Ride 2 – it’s back! Saturday 15th December

  1. I understand one pick up point is at Badger Farm. Can you state precisely where. Obvs is Sainsbury’s but means start is massive uphill!

    1. Hi Eleanor, the start point is on the grass opposite Sainsbury’s emergency exit on Meadow Way. The route goes from there along Rooks Down to Stanmore, so it’s actually a big down hill at the start.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Could you tell me where the other pick up points are, in other words, the route. Many thanks. Juliet

    1. Hi Juliet, I’ll post full route details shortly, but in brief:
      Route A (Kingsworthy) 10:00 Outside Tesco Express on Springvale Road, 10:15 Grass area at top of Bedfield Lane.
      Route B (Harestock & Weeke) 10:00 Outside Tesco Express on Prior’s Dean Road, 10:15 Grass area at corner of Stoney Lane and Stockbridge Road.
      Route C (Badger Farm & Stanmore): 10:00 On the grass opposite
      Sainsbury’s emergency exit on Meadow Way, 10:15 In front of the shops on Cromwell Road.

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