Lockdown rides for Bike Week

Clip from map for Avington cycle route

If you’ve recently dug a bike out of the shed, and – like many – been enjoying riding on quieter roads, we have some recommended routes for you.

The first takes us along the Itchen Valley through Avington. Andy Key, who devised the route says:

“The Itchen Valley between Alresford and Winchester is a beautiful peaceful countryside route along quiet lanes. This ride uses the little-known cycle route through subways and paths over Junction 9 of the M3 – not as scary as it sounds. Avington Park is a scenic spot to stop for a snack.

On your way back, the old railway line is a disused section of the old “Watercress Line” railway which used to connect Alton to Winchester. It’s now part of the Watercress Way: see thewatercressway.org.uk for details.

The detour route takes you up some hills where you’ll get panoramic views across the valley.”

The ride is described with a beautiful and detailed map which you can download and print. It’s also included in our new Cycle Winchester Routes page. We’ll bring you more Lockdown Rides in due course.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown rides for Bike Week

  1. I don’t really understand the website. I can’t make head nor tail of the different ways it’s supposed to work. However I was pleased to find the map of the rides in the Itchen Valley, Avington and beyond. I see it is called Lockdown ride#1. I don’t know here #2 and 3 etc are though.
    I have been trying to get from the Cart and Horses in Kings Worthy across the Tesco roundabout to get to The Tesco supermarket., and Easton Lane etc. But it is too difficult to get across the roundabout over the motorway, with the traffic. Intimidating is exactly the right word. I am an unadventurous cyclist, and am not young. But am keen to improve, since starting cycling again after 50+ years , only in the summer of 2020.
    I’m nit very good on muddy tracks. etc. I have an ebike, which I’m very pleased with.

    1. Hi Sheila, well done for resuming cycling after a long gap. I will remind Andy that people are keen to see additional lockdown rides, I know he has some more planned.

      Regarding Kingsworthy to Tesco, the direct route, which I think is what you have tried, would be to cross to the east side of by-pass and use the path that continues from there up to the Junction 9 roundabout. It’s not well-maintained and I’m not 100% certain it’s possible to cycle the whole way. We have recommended making this a proper, maintained cycleway, and it’s possible that will happen as part of the works to redesign J9, but that maybe many years from now. Once you reach the roundabout, it’s not a friendly crossing, but there are traffic lights that will at least hold back the two streams you will need to cross, to reach the path in the centre of the roundabout. Once you are on the centre of the roundabout, follow the path anti-clockwise and use the underpass to reach Easton Lane, where you can continue on the shared cycle-pedestrian path to Tesco.

      A more pleasant route, albeit longer and hillier, would be to go right across the by-pass onto the Martyr Worthy Road, then turn right to Easton, then right again along Easton Lane, to reach J9, where you can cross the junction safely via two underpasses. With you e-bike, perhaps the hills on Easton won’t be too off-putting!

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