Cycling charter for Winchester launched

Winchester Cycling Charter banner

Today we launch the “Winchester Cycling Charter” and invite local businesses, organisations and residents to sign their names to it.

The Charter calls on community leaders to make better provision for cycling as a way of travelling round the city.

“It isn’t anti-car,” says organiser John Arthur of Cycle Winchester. “Most cyclists are drivers as well, but we’d just like to see changes that encourage more cycling and make it a practical, healthy and environmentally-friendly way to get around Winchester. More people cycling means less motor traffic and safer streets for everyone, whether they cycle or not. The Charter aims to show that the people of Winchester will support moves to make it more cycling-friendly.”

Twenty, high-profile, local organisations have already signed the Charter pre-launch, ranging from retailers like Warren & Son and P&G Wells through property company Belgarum and the Brooks Centre, to the Hampshire Hospitals Trust. Toscanaccio Wine & Food in Parchment Street is one of them. “I’m not a cyclist,” says owner Cat Brandwood, “but I do want to see better provision for non-car travel into Winchester.” 

Studies have found that by encouraging cycling and walking, cities can boost trade in local shops, reduce traffic congestion and improve health.

The Charter sets out a vision of a Winchester where children can safely cycle to school, people can cycle to work, residents can ride their bikes to the shops, pubs and leisure venues, and people of all ages and abilities feel confident to be on the roads.  It calls on the city and county councils to make decisions that will deliver this better future for everyone in Winchester.

“Signing the Charter doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything we suggest,” says John, “just that you agree with the general principle of boosting cycling to benefit the city’s health and economy.”

Cycle Winchester is best known for its “Mass Rides”, but behind the scenes it campaigns to ensure that new developments in the area make provision for cycling as a means of transport and travel. The Charter is now open to organisations and individuals to sign.

Full list of founding signatories:

ADAM Architecture and ADAM Urbanism
Alfred’s Brewery
Bell Fine Art
Bespoke Biking
The Brooks Shopping Centre
Coffee Lab
Computer Solutions
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The Little Pub Group
The Natural Travel Collection
P & G Wells Bookshop
St Bede Church of England Primary School
St Matthew with St Paul C of E Church
University of Winchester
Warren & Son
Winchester Cathedral
Winchester City Primary Care Network
Winchester CTC

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