Cycle Winchester operating report published

Photo of family cyclists during Mass Ride 5, Oct 2021

We hope that supporters will be interested to read the latest Cycle Winchester operating report, covering a period from September 2020 to January 2022.

We’re pleased to have made good progress with improving the visibility of cyclists in the city, changing the perception and conversation around cycling, and building a community of cyclists that is a more united, informed and effective voice. Highlights include the fifth Mass Ride last October, when hundreds of cyclists of all ages filled the streets in a joyful convoy, culminating in the proclamation of the Winchester Cycling Charter, which more than 750 individuals and more than 80 organisations have now signed. We’ve also adopted a formal constitution, allowing us to have our own bank account and launch a membership offer.

Meanwhile the detailed and largely unsung effort of direct campaigning keeps us busy. We’ve contributed to numerous consultations, and encouraged and guided supporters to make their own views known. We’ve engaged with local councillors and council officers, building relationships that we hope will eventually deliver safe, high-quality cycling infrastructure in the city, though progress is frustratingly slow. We’ve tackled obstacles to cycling, ranging from cycle-unfriendly barriers in Barton Meadows, to retrograde plans for M3 Junction 9.

We hope you will enjoy reading the report and get a flavour of our activities. As ever, we welcome new volunteers, and remind you that you can help support our activities, and get big discounts at local bike shops, by becoming a member.

Download the report

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