2018 Winchester cycle parking survey results

Winchester Cycle Survey Results - graph

In 2003 John Edwards set up a cycle survey, counting bikes ‘parked’ around the town, on a fixed survey circuit. John was forced to give up this survey in 2010 and Chris Gillham and Phil Gagg took over the survey in mid-2012.

The value of this annual report is that it is a measure of bike use in Winchester over the last 15 years. It shows trends and allows for some analysis. It may also provide a quantitative means of assessing the impact of any the forthcoming movement strategy measures.

Over the 15 years of the survey being run the number bikes parked in Winchester have more than doubled. However recent growth has been a mixed picture with slowed growth and slight declines in shopping and work place parking. This has been offset by growth in parking at the railway station.

This year’s report is available here.

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