Massed cyclists approach Westgate as part of Mass Ride 5, 2021

Cycle Winchester is a local community action group, campaigning to make Winchester better by bike.

Our aim is to create a better Winchester by promoting cycling as a convenient, healthy and inexpensive way to get around the city, as well as campaign for improved provision for cyclists. In so doing, we also hope to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in order to make Winchester a more enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

Through a range of cycling events and other initiatives, we hope to highlight the many benefits of cycling and encourage more people to get on their bikes and join us in our campaign to make Winchester better by bike.

You can support our campaign – and gain discounts at local bike shops – by becoming a member.

Latest updates

Camilla and Macayle

People who cycle in Winchester #10

Camilla (mum) & Macayle (daughter) Camilla: Our family has been in Winchester since 2017. I work part-time as a theatre nurse in the hospital. Growing up in Brisbane I learnt to ride a bike but the blistering heat was a good deterrent to regular cycling! It was when our family ...
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Map of Winchester Cycling Charter signatories by election ward

Election day tomorrow: Vote for cycling

Tomorrow is polling day in Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council elections. Cycle Winchester invited candidates to support the Winchester Cycling Charter, a simple declaration of support for better provision for cycling in the city. We emailed the election agents of each of the parties fielding candidates, and also ...
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Profile photo: Steve

People who cycle in Winchester #9: Steve

Hi, I’m Steve I’ve been around Winchester for 30 years and lived here for the last 20 years since moving in with my partner. I grew up in Woolston, Southampton in the 1960s in a no-car family. My Dad walked everywhere but my Mum cycled. One of my very earliest ...
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People who cycle in Winchester #8

The Murray-Rius family: Marc, Jaclyn, Ona & Kai. Hi, I’m Marc. I grew up in Barcelona where I cycled as a kid from an early age. I remember once aged 12 taking part in a local race and then at a later stage got into mountain biking. Whilst at University ...
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Photo of Hyde St - North Walls junction

A word about Hyde Street

As many of you know, Hyde Street is currently closed to motor traffic at the south end, where it meets North Walls. There is a campaign on at the moment to get it reopened. This was done as part of “Tranche 1” of the emergency active travel measures, so that ...
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