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Cycle Winchester is a local community action group, campaigning to make Winchester better by bike.

Our aim is to create a better Winchester by promoting cycling as a convenient, healthy and inexpensive way to get around the city, as well as campaign for improved provision for cyclists. In so doing, we also hope to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in order to make Winchester a more enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

Through a range of cycling events and other initiatives, we hope to highlight the many benefits of cycling and encourage more people to get on their bikes and join us in our campaign to make Winchester better by bike.

Latest updates

Bar End cycleway photo

Disappointing new cycleway to Bar End

A new cycle route has been created from Domum Road to the new Sports and Leisure Centre at Bar End. Unfortunately it does not meet current standards, creates unnecessary conflicts, is potentially dangerous and will be avoided by many cyclists, who will prefer using Chesil Street. The new route is ...
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Colin with his bike at the allotment

People Who Cycle in Winchester #6: Colin

I have lived in Winchester for 33 years, first in St Cross, then Hyde and now Abbotts Barton. I sold my car about 20 years ago and since then I’ve relied on a bicycle for most of my journeys around the city. At the time I lived in Hyde Abbey ...
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Map of EATF2 measures

County council gets government money for cycling improvements in Winchester

The Emergency Active Travel Fund – what it is, what the council will do with it, and why you should care What’s this all about? This post is about something called the “Emergency Active Travel Fund, Tranche 2” (or EATF 2 to its friends) – a government fund for local ...
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Vicky on her bike

People who cycle in Winchester #5: Vicky

I’ve been using bikes for transport almost all my life.  It started when I was growing up in Devon: my dad, who knows the area like the back of his hand, showed me how I get to my grandmother’s and my aunt’s along country lanes with minimal traffic.  The sense ...
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Touring cyclist

We want to hear from you!

We hope you are enjoying meeting some of your fellow cyclists in our Profiles series. We are looking to build a diverse picture of our local cycling community so that decision makers have a more informed picture of who we are – replacing easy stereotypes. Our aim is to avoid ...
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