Massed cyclists approach Westgate as part of Mass Ride 5, 2021

Cycle Winchester is a local community action group, campaigning to make Winchester better by bike.

Our aim is to create a better Winchester by promoting cycling as a convenient, healthy and inexpensive way to get around the city, as well as campaign for improved provision for cyclists. In so doing, we also hope to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in order to make Winchester a more enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

Through a range of cycling events and other initiatives, we hope to highlight the many benefits of cycling and encourage more people to get on their bikes and join us in our campaign to make Winchester better by bike.

You can support our campaign – and gain discounts at local bike shops – by becoming a member.

Latest updates

Cycles parked at WSLC

Cycle thefts in Winchester

Cycle thefts at Winchester Sports and Leisure Centre We have been hearing reports of cycle thefts from the Winchester Sports and Leisure Centre (WSLC) in recent months. In particular, bikes have been taken despite being well secured with D-locks; seemingly angle grinders will cut though most D-locks in a minute ...
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Winchester Cyclist Count: Winter 2022

Cycle Winchester is concerned about a lack of meaningful (or shared) data related to cycle use in the city. The aim is to build a picture of the number of cyclists in the city and the routes being used. Read on for details of the first of our regular cycle ...
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Arthur and Matilda

People who cycle in Winchester #13: The Parrott family

Today we meet the Parrott family: Tom, Lucinda, Arthur (4 ½) and Matilda (just 3). Lucinda and I are another ‘down from London’ couple. I didn’t have a bike in London and hadn’t cycled for ten years until in 2011 I made a bet with friends that I would ride ...
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Photo of family cyclists during Mass Ride 5, Oct 2021

Cycle Winchester operating report published

We hope that supporters will be interested to read the latest Cycle Winchester operating report, covering a period from September 2020 to January 2022. We’re pleased to have made good progress with improving the visibility of cyclists in the city, changing the perception and conversation around cycling, and building a ...
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Picture of Hargroves shop front

Hargroves offers 10% discount to Cycle Winchester members

Hargroves becomes the latest local bike shop to offer a discount to Cycle Winchester members. We are delighted to announce that Hargroves Winchester store will offer a 10% discount to Cycle Winchester members. We have enjoyed great support from Hargroves over several years of our campaign to make Winchester better ...
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