Cycle Winchester Mass Ride 6

Scenes from Mass Ride 5

We are delighted to confirm that our sixth Cycle Winchester Mass Ride will take place on SATURDAY 1st OCTOBER 2022.

Scenes from Mass Ride 5
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On the morning of Saturday 1st October, Cycle Winchester invites you to join us on our sixth Mass Ride, bringing riders from pick-up points around the city to converge on the central one-way system for a processional lap, finishing at Abbey Gardens for a post-ride get-together.

Rides start at 10am and we anticipate the event finishing at around midday.

Why are we riding?

Our aim is to get more people cycling, more often. We celebrate the joy of cycling: a convenient, healthy, clean and inexpensive way to get around Winchester. The ride will help create a vision of a better Winchester, where a critical mass of cyclists makes cycling safer and more enjoyable.

We have invited a number of local leaders – particularly those with transport responsibilities – to join the ride. It is an opportunity for them to engage more directly with you, the cycling community. We hope it will encourage their ambition to make radical changes that enable cycling, walking and public transport to become the primary modes of transport for short journeys.

Is anyone welcome to join the ride?

We welcome cyclists young and old; in fact anyone who has a roadworthy bike is welcome – just check brakes and tyres before setting off! The ride will take place on open roads, but there will be experienced cyclists marshalling the group for safety.

We’ve published a two-page guide for riders, which we’d encourage you to read. The most important points are:

  • Don’t overtake the front marshal, who will set an easy pace so that the group stays together.
  • The back marshal will make sure no-one gets left behind.
  • In the city centre, the ride will occupy just one lane; marshals will show you which.
  • When stopped at red traffic lights, make the group compact, so we can get everyone through on the next green.
  • If you get tired, you can leave the ride early at King Alfred’s statue, or take a shortcut on Parchment St.

Where can I join the ride?

Rides will depart at 10am BST from Kings Worthy, Harestock, Badger Farm and Highcliffe. Each will briefly stop at a second pick-up location, then proceed to King Alfred’s statue for a grand procession around the city centre. You are welcome to join the ride anywhere en route; take a look at the detailed maps linked below for details.

New for 2022: Residents of Twyford and Colden Common have organised their own feeder ride, which will meet the main Mass Ride in Winchester. Meet at the Co-op car park in Colden Common at 08.45, or the Twyford Social Club car park at 09.15.

Route A: Kings Worthy
10am Meet:
Tesco Express on Springvale Road.
10.15am Pause & joining point:
Grass area at the top of Bedfield Lane.
10.20am Pause & joining point:
Dyson Drive.
Printable map here.
Route B: Harestock & Weeke
10am Meet:
Tesco Express on Prior’s Dean Road.
10.15am Pause & joining point:
Grass area at corner of Stoney Lane and Stockbridge Road.
Printable map here.
Route C: Badger Farm & Stanmore
10am Meet:
Meadow Way opposite Sainsbury’s emergency exit.
10.15am Pause & joining point:
In front of the shops on Cromwell Road.
Printable map here.
Route D: Highcliffe
10am Meet:
All Saints church car park
10.15am Pause & joining point:
The Screen cinema in Southgate Street.
Printable map here.

10.40am Combined rides reach King Alfred’s Statue for a processional lap or two around the City Centre.

11am Finish at Abbey Gardens for a post-ride get-together. Event ends around noon.